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Maintenance has been completed.
April 09, 2019

Maintenance has been completed.

- We cleaned the logs
- We compact the Database
- Added 15 seconds of reuse delay in Quick Healing Potions and similar
- The Olympiads now have a cycle of 15 days, always starting on the 1st and 15th of the month

Regarding Foundation items: Crafting them is possible the way it is on any High Five server respecting rules, drops, and standard seal retrieval and retrieval systems. For if they are lower grade items no modification that will come to unravel these obtainment systems will be made, since they should not be the focus of high end items for the players.

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1º   Kannibal 2457 pvps
2º   MissMcAred 2151 pvps
3º   Shaolin 2124 pvps
1º   MissMcAred 165 pks
2º   DarthVadeR 153 pks
3º   LadyOfDarkNess 138 pks
1º   NeverBackDown lv 11
2º   FacoCentral lv 11
3º   FUSION lv 11
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